Personalised 500ml Spray Bottles

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It’s a perfect time to personalize these refillable 500ml cleaning spray bottles with your all cleaning products. 

You can easily fill these cleaning spray bottles with homemade cleansers to save your money and budget in buying readymade spray bottles. In this manner, you don’t need to buy the cleaning solutions in bulk. As these refillable cleaning spray bottles are reusable, so it means less waste. 

PET plastic is recyclable, and you can reuse it again until the end of its life. 

The plastic of these trigger spray bottles is BPA free. 

Placing your order: 

  1. For placing your order of these spray bottles, select one font option in which you want to print the labels. 
  2. Among several colour options, select the colour of the labels of these spray bottles
  3. It all depends on your use or need of how many empty spray bottles you need. In this manner, select the exact quantity of the bottles while placing your order. 
  4. Everyone has different label ideas, so try to list all the labels in the personalized section according to your choice. Please keep in mind that you only white one label in one line. For writing more labels, move to the next line. Make sure that you adjust the right quantity of cleaning spray bottles according to your need.

Please note: 

  • The approximate size of these plastic spray bottles is 22cm × 6.5cm. 
  • However, the maximum size for labels is almost 7cm × 3cm. It all depends on the length and the font option, but the whole size of labels will not be more than 7cm.
  • You will get these spray bottles for chemicals and labels separately. So, you have to paste them by yourself. All the necessary instructions will come to you with bottles and labels. 
  • All these labels should be hand washed because they are not suitable to apply to appliances. 
  • Ensure that the surface of cleaning supplies spray bottles is clean and dry before applying labels on them. That’s why you must not try to stick these labels on tough and rough surfaces like wood. 
  • The labels are of great quality because they are made of semi-permanent vinyl. In addition, these labels are easy to apply if the surface is dry and smooth. So, they give a beautiful custom look to the best cleaning spray bottles.